Where to See One: The Enigma List

Here is a list of known Enigma machines on display for your viewing pleasure:

24 Places to See an Enigma (and counting)

  • German Spy Museum in Berlin
  • Canadian War Museum  Ottawa, ON, Canada
    • A nicely detailed artifact sheet on their unit w/ picture
    • Peter S has a nice Flickr album with great close-ups of the exhibit.  
    • It's a Four Rotor M4 Unit marked S/N M6026
    • Location and visit information. 
    • The artifact sheet is from the "Canadian Museum of History" site rather than the "Canadian War Museum." It appears that the unit is cataloged in the former museum's collection, but I am told it is on display in the latter. 
      - A local unit I somehow missed seeing when visiting this museum. Will remedy soon.
  • Military Communications and Electronics Museum Kingston, ON, Canada
    • Enigma Picture
    • Four Rotor M4 Unit S/N M16630
    • See a Flickr Album of photos from the Kingston exhibit by Peter S
    • Location information
    • Not far from home for me, so have had the pleasure of a visit :)
      - Thanks to museum staff for an info update.  

  • Computer History Museum Mountainview, Ca. USA
  • NSA National Cryptologic Museuem Ft. Meade, Md, USA
  • Deutsches Museum Munich, Germany
  • Bletchley Park Museum Bletchley, UK
    • Picture
    • A Four Rotor G312 Apparently one of only either 2 or 3 in the world depending which article you read
      It was stolen but apparently recovered
      -see the BBC article
    • Location for visiting
      - Had the enjoyment of visiting this one in 2015.  Great exhibits.

  • Royal Naval Museum Portsmouth, England/UK
  • Australian War Memorial Canberra, Australia
  • Stevenage Museum, Stevenage, England
    • No Picture or confirmation - it sounds like a very small museum
    • Three or four rotor unit? Don't know.
    • If you're nearby, visit (location info) and let me know what you see!
  • Musee de l'Armé, (The Army Museum) Paris, France
  • Berlin Communications Museum Berlin, Germany
    Appears to be part of Museum w locations also in Frankfurt, Bonn and Nürnberg.
    (Museum für Kommunikation)
    • I think that this picture is that one.
    • Not certain what model is there (anyone know?)
    •  Berlin-location Visiting Info
      More info needed.

  • Museum of World War II near Boston, USA
    • For images see this link and scroll down.
    • They have six Enigma machines on display - both four and three-rotor versions
    • They indicate they have a rare 10 Rotor T52 unit of which only 5 exist. Not an 'Engima' branded unit, but an interesting piece of cryptographic history.
    • Location - It is a private museum, to which public visits are possible at scheduled times.

  • Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum Hatteras, NC, USA
  • Museum of Science and Industry's "U-505 Submarine" Chicago, IL, USA
  • Cabinet War Rooms London, UK
    • They inexplicably had a 'no-photos' rule on my last visit, though I flouted it on principle.
    • Of course Flickr has pictures of everything - so click here or here for another angle of the same unit.
    • This is a three rotor unit that resides in the war rooms complex. The serial number wasn't visible.
    • Location & Directions
      - Visited in central London on a visit around 2009. Updates welcomed.

  • Imperial War Museum  London, UK
  • Science Museum, London, UK
  • Polish Institute and Sikorsky Museum, London, UK
    • An unusual site, looks like it is a very small museum
    • Possibly a polish replica unit?  Not strictly the sort of unit I'd note on this list, but given the Pole's pivotal role in cracking the system during WWII, it sounds like an interesting connection.
    • Some information about location & visiting.
      More info welcomed if you pop in!
  • Military Intelligence Museum at Chicksands Bedfordshire, UK.
    • Another suggestion from an email, indicates the Signals museum. It seems to be affiliated with the Chicksands Museum as well, but I need to do a bit more reading. Not sure if they share the same unit or if there are separate exhibits. These are both parts of the British Army museums.
    • Here's a getting-there web page for Military Intel Museum at Chicksands, Bedford UK
  • Royal Signals Museum, Blandford, UK
    • There's apparently an Enigma unit here somewhere
    • Very rough, slow web page, but here's a view of their exhibits.
    • How to get there, to this museum at a working military camp.

  • German Occupation Museum Guernsey, UK
    • Sounds like a small but interesting museum, in an out-of-the-way place. A collection built up gradually over the years, starting from a kid picking up old bits and pieces. 
    • Here's a nice page on their four-rotor unit.
    • How to get to the Museum Information here
      Again, thanks to a note from Mark pointing this one out.
  • "39-45 Living History Society" Various Places, UK
    • See picture in their photo gallery. (Close-up)
    • Three-rotor model
    • This is a bit different. You'll have to chase this one around the UK.  They travel about to re-enact historic events of the WWII period.  Check their site for a spot near you if you live in Britain, or will be visiting. An up-close and personal opportunity!
    • The Society's web site is located here - Check their events button for upcoming dates.
      Thanks for the note from Les who is with the group!
  • Technisches Museum, Vienna, Austria 
  • National Military History Museum, Diekirch, Luxembourg

...let me know if you know of other Enigma machines not in my list yet. Also, if you have seen one of these displays, do let me know either through a comment or an email. It's nice to confirm that each is actually at each of these sites, some of which are less prominent than others.

Email me at: rossgk (at) gmail (dot) com

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